Orange City Holiday Parade 2010


Frosty. He’s back…. and this time, it’s personal. Despite his renown inability to maintain structural integrity in non-freezing climates, Frosty appeared stable and in good spirits Sunday, as he waved to the onlookers of the 2010 Orange City Holiday Parade….

Children and adults both caught themselves reliving a moment of childhood too quickly forgotten as a real-life Frosty the Snowman rode by on his giant stack of Christmas presents.

Surrounded by the crowd and preceded and by the roving snowflake girls (rumored to be Frosty’s secret service), Frosty had a veritable entourage of fans and supporters cheering him on and (ostensibly) watching his back.
But all good things must come to an end, and alas, this winter festivity would reap benefits that Frosty would never sow.

Frosty was last seen in the early evening hours, shortly after the parade ended, pacing in front of a gas station ice chest, sweating profusely and fumbling with a carrot.
After intense investigation and analysis, our finest refrigeration experts surmise that Frosty was only able to sustain himself long enough to endure the last few moments of his second parade of the weekend.

The fact that such abnormal longevity was achieved at all in a snowman should be considered a feat in itself and a testament to the effectiveness of silk hat magic, especially when considering the recent decrease in the average snow-male life expectancy. This may perhaps be due in small part to the unusually cold weather for Florida at this time of year.
As of the time this article was written and published… Frosty is unreachable for comment and is generally assumed to have filtered into the Florida aquifer.

We’re looking forward to competing again next year!!! Thanks again to all the local businesses that contributed and built floats!

P.S. If you come across a silk hat in Deland that reeks of damp charcoal and cartoon magic, please schedule a maintenance on your HVAC/Refrigeration equipment so we can come pick it up.

For more pictures, check out our frequently updated facebook page!!!

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