Primrose School

Primrose School

Sanford, FL – As one of the leading energy efficient A/C companies in the State, Ace Air Conditioning, Inc. was chosen for the mechanical contract at the new Primrose School of Heathrow/ Lake Mary. Ace is working along side HDE Construction to create the green building.

The Primrose School motto is “With the right foundation, anything is possible.” This, of course is a reference to childhood education, but it seems fitting that a school committed to building a better future would care about conscientious building. The Primrose School will be built using the most innovative technologies. Ace Air Conditioning is known for their environmentally responsible practices. As the mechanical contractor, they will contribute to making the building efficient, while also reducing pollution and waste and increasing indoor air quality. In the long run this, not only decreases the impact on the environment, but also saves money and resources for the school.

Green building of this type is an exciting step into the future. With the help of companies like HDE Construction and Ace Air Conditioning, The Primrose School of Heathrow/ Lake Mary will have a building that is environmentally responsible, and will hopefully set an example to all of Central Florida on the importance of building a greener, healthier future for generations to come.

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