Regent Services Inc.

Regent Services Inc, a full service contractor specializing in both new construction and remodeling chooses Ace Electrical for their electrical installation, upgrades and remodels in homes all across central Florida from Deland to Melbourne.

RSI Home 3

Using energy efficient products and offerings Regent Services, is an Energy Star Partner, known for building houses that are good for the environment and can save the home owner money on electric bills.  Ace installs lighting such as halogen incandescent, CFL, and LED lightbulbs.  These bulbs use less energy and add up to greater savings for the homeowner.  Ace also uses appliances that require less energy to produce the same or even more services.  At an estimated cost savings of up to $570 per year, an energy efficient new home or remodel is a very worthwhile investment to a homeowner.   Also all of these specialized electrical installations mean less greenhouse gas emission and are therefore better for the environment.

RSI Home 2


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